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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Presentation Set-Up and Bill Cunningham

Today was a rather more relaxed day than most. In preparation for our fashion presentation on Saturday, we spent the morning planning and setting up decorations. Though there were only four of us, we split into two groups, one to start work on the city silhouettes and street signs, and one to make origami (although we all worked on that for a while) and create our dotted line path across the floor.

We got quite a lot of work done before breaking for lunch, and then headed off to the IFC theater to watch a documentary called "Bill Cunningham New York." It was the story of the man for whom it's named, who is a 82 year old photographer. He takes picture of people and their clothes, currently for the New York Times, and has for years. Some of his pictures are of models, and people who are famous, but a great deal are just of people he sees on the streets. Bill was very funny, and I really liked the movie. I'm really glad we got the chance to see it.