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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kotoko Taguchi: Make Up and Hair

Today, make up and hair artist Kotoko Taguchi came to demonstrate various types of popular looks in Japanese fashion! Cosmetics and hair are also essentials to fashion, for different styles reflect on its make up and hair. In Japan, cosmetics are available for both men and women, and hairstyles are also very important when it comes to an overall look and style. Kotoko-san also emphasized the popularity of dyed hair, colors like ‘milk-tea’ being a popular color among girls. Thinning eyebrows and tinting them a lighter color is also very popular, because it helps focus and emphasize on the eyes. She brought in different magazines of various hairstyles and make up.

The first demonstration on our student Chanel was to provide us with visual steps on how to apply false lashes, something very commonly and excessively used in Japanese cosmetics. False lashes vary in different styles and length, depending on the look you’d like to build upon. Going for a light and natural look, Kotoko-san cut the lashes in half and applied them towards the outer corners of Chanel’s eyes. It gives off a fun, flirty look.

Second demonstration was on Helen. Using steps different from the previous, Kotoko-san applied eyeliner first, then eye shadow. Applying eyeliner 2/3 or halfway towards the inner corner, she gave Helen a more sophisticated but young look that went well with her uniform outfit!

For a gothic style, Kotoko-san used Jenny as an example. What was different about this look was how  Jenny’s bottom line was fully lined to give it a dark and bolder look. Making the eyeshadows and eyeliner a bit darker and thicker, Kotoko-san really made Jenny’s eye pop out beautifully. To finish it off, a dark red lipstick was applied to give the gothic look a more vampire-like feel. The look was amazing!

Next up was me. Using the concept of the color orange, which has become a very popular color, Kotoko-san used a nice bright orange color eyeshadow for the outer part of my eyes, making a gradient of the color. Because I have monolid eyes, Kotoko-san emphasized the importance of using waterproof eyeliner in order to prevent smudges. She also added blush in a shade of orange. She finished it off with different mixes of lipgloss that gave my face a lighter, brighter and younger look. I never thought I’d be able to pull off orange make up until Kotoko-san proved me wrong! I was amazed by the look. I loved it!

Tiffany was up next, and this time the concept was a kawaii and innocent look. For young people like us, we do not need foundation, Kotoko-san informed us. Concealer for our dark circles is good enough. It was true – when Kotoko-san added a dab of concealer, it made enough of a difference. It literally brightened up Tiffany’s face instantly. Tightlining Tiffany’s eyes and giving it a light flick, Kotoko-san finished Tiffany’s kawaii look with some blush on her cheeks and chin. The blush gave her bright face a rosy color. Angelic and gentle, this type of makeup is for the Mori Gaaru style because of how natural and simple it is.

Last was Brianna, whom Kotoko-san showed the concept of a bit of pop in her look, since music does influence Japanese fashion. She added a bit of a Bluish green color as her eyeliner. She gave a wonderful vibrant look for her young face. Bri looked energetic and fabulous. She looked like a pop and trendy gaaru!

To match with our make up, Kotoko-san was so generous to also do our hair! Each hair matched with the concept of our look, so each of us looked very different by the end of the day! We’re very thankful that Kotoko Taguchi took the time for this. We really enjoyed the day with her. She was very friendly and nice, and she was very careful and gentle when handling us. Her smart tips were very helpful for us, too! Once again, thank you Kotoko-san!

--Joyee Chong