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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kimono Dress -up

  Thursday July 14th

Starting the day off with assembling our outfits that with the variety clothing we picked out the other day, we reviewed and examined each others garments and styles. Timed passed quickly and after lunch we were soon out the Japan society and on our way to Roosevelt Island to meet the kimono dresser and designer, Hiromi Asai. When we arrived two beautiful kimonos were on displayed and caught the eye of all of us. Miss Asai gave us a warm welcome and we were asked to take off our shoes and sit on the floor in front of a television set; a very Japanese way of the actions when people visit other homes. Next, Miss Asai gave us a brief presentation explaining the history of kimonos and what she has done with kimonos to make a living. Following the interesting presentation, it was time to dress up! Miss Asai first showed us her own desigh of assembling an obi; (there are over 100 different ways of wrapping an obi.) Now it was our turn. Seven lovely kimonos were laid out and several multicolored obis were also presented before our eyes. We choose which one we would like to try on and a friend had to help tie the obi. We then choose from a different set kimonos and had to choose which one we would like a partner to wear and choose tie the obi. Putting the obi together in an elegant style was difficult yet it was exciting. It was especially a treat to see the other glamorous obi designs that our friends created. For me it was difficult to walk in since the kimono was larger then me; I tried my best to not trip. It was also tight fitting, which made it hard to breath yet all of the class was in such awe of the beauty we did not want to take it off. All the patterns and fabrics were unique and all appealing to the eye on the kimonos and the obi completed the look. Today was a lucky one because not many other teens gets the chance to try on kimonos by a famous designer.  

-Brianna Nema  July 14th